Admissions : Diversity


"Diversity is one of the hallmarks of the schools population. It comes in all forms: ethnic, economic, religious. We are proud of the mix of students we have here," says Chuck Harvuot, Director of Admissions. "In addition to families with Asian backgrounds, our community regularly includes families from several other countries. Over the last few years, the school community has included students from Korea, China, Germany, Poland, and Nigeria, as well as staff members from Kenya, Argentina, and Mongolia."

Valuing diversity goes beyond these categories, however, to include diversity of learning styles, teaching styles, and temperaments. In a home-like community where faculty and staff know students well, individuality is cherished.

"I love the fact that my son's class includes a boy who speaks Spanish at home, classmates of Asian and Indian descent, and several African-American friends," says one current parent. "Diversity certainly adds to the richness of what our children experience," agrees LaKindra Grooms, whose daughter is in Third Grade. "It is one of the reasons we chose the school. It's more diverse than our public school."

In today's world, it is imperative that children grow up valuing diversity. Schools should be committed to putting the value of diversity into practice. Our students are quite naturally immersed in a school culture that highlights the strengths of each individual and that values our special differences. We hope this atmosphere broadens students understanding of the world, awakens their curiosity, helps them appreciate variety and diversity, and also helps them recognize what we all have in common as citizens of the world.

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