Admissions : What Families are Saying

"Why does your child attend Fox River Country Day School?"

"We love the campus setting and the emphasis on outside play. We identify strongly with the homelike atmosphere of the classrooms. The environment of the school, both outside and inside was equally important to us as with the CBQ's [Character Building Qualities], which closely resemble the values we were already instilling in our children."

Family of a preschool student

"So many schools focus solely on academics. When we read "whole child" in FRCDS's literature, we knew we were on the right track. Additionally, we value the small class sizes, the beautiful campus, the environmental ed program, and year-round swimming lessons."

Family of a kindergarten student

"Our child attends FRCDS because of the wonderful, professional staff, a complete curriculum, the availability of an expanded classroom everyday, and the fact that the school offers the greatest value anyone could imagine!"

Family of a third grade student

"We stay at FRCDS because of the excellent education that our daughter is receiving. She thrives in the smaller classroom environment. We love that she has opportunities to participate in music, drama, sports. The campus is more than any parent or student could ask for - just wonderful. We are very pleased with her teacher as well."

Family of a fourth grade student

"Where do I begin...the amazing dedicated staff and teachers, the awesome students, the incredible campus and programs, and the community of parents...I love it all!!"

Family of a first grade student

"We are very satisfied with our daughter's educational experience at FRCDS. The curriculum and emphasis on Character Building Qualities has prepared her for the challenges of high school both academically and socially. She has learned leadership skills, how to get along with others, to respect herself, her teachers and peers and has developed an excellent work ethic with the confidence needed to be independent. Each teacher has influenced her in different and positive ways and we truly believe they all care deeply about the students. The quality of instruction has been exceptional and we really appreciate having a mix of older and younger teachers as they are wonderful role models. FRCDS is really like an extended family with the older students helping the younger children to learn and respect one another. The kids look up to and respect the teachers and are provided a vision of the character and qualities they themselves will emulate as young adults. FRCDS provides a wholesome and safe atmosphere where attention to learning is unhindered by influences that can so easily get in the way of a good education and the campus is absolutely beautiful."

Steve and Nancy Silva
Parents of 8th grade student

"We started off just looking for a full-day kindergarten, but soon realized that FRCDS had so much more to offer. We were most impressed with the focus on the "whole child". We were looking for academic excellence but also for character building, and FRCDS seemed to have the best of both worlds. The beauty of the campus was also a great sell, as well as knowing that our children would have an on-site "laboratory" to study nature-this was an added bonus."

Family of a second grade student

"We love FRCDS for many reasons. The first reason is that it allowed Nora to remain a child longer than is usual in our culture. Children are pushed to grow up too early in life. David Elkind talks about this in his book The Hurried Child: Growing Up Too Fast Too Soon. In third grade at FRCDS, Nora said, "Mom, we aren't those mature kind of third graders. We're those happy, wonky, running, laughing kind of third graders." Nora was still outside at recess running around pretending she was a wolf and building fairy houses out of acorns and sticks with her friends when she was in 4th grade. While she was challenged academically and held to a high standard of character, she was also allowed to play, have fun, to use her imagination and creativity. My husband and I spent many hours playing outside when we were growing up. Unfortunately, we don't live in a place where that is possible for Nora. So we really have appreciated the natural environment of the school and the opportunity for Nora to experience the joy of exploring and playing in the natural world of the oak trees, rocks, water, animals and birds. We are grateful Nora did not grow up "nature deprived" and also that environmental education was a part of the curriculum. She used to tell people, "I go to school in a forest." The first thing that struck us about FRCDS was its warmth. When Nora was small, each day an administrator got her out of the car and welcomed her to school. Then I would watch, as she wound her way down the hill to her classroom, being greeted by teachers and other administrators with a wave, a smile, a hug. Nora came back to FRCDS in second grade after being in public school for two years. She said, "I like this school, mom. It's soft here. It's quiet. I can hear the birds sing." Nora has thrived under the caring eye of adults who believe that all children have innate potential to be good, to be creative, to be useful. She has been encouraged and shaped by their care, concern and discipline. FRCDS doesn't just give lip-service to character building. Character building is both an overt and foundational part of the curriculum. It underlies everything the school does. In second grade, the teacher took time out to help children resolve conflicts. In middle school, I am grateful that the values that we teach at home are the values that are taught and modeled at school. It's a gentle environment to weather middle school struggles, with adults who challenge, guide, and support. We appreciate the curriculum at FRCDS. The children learn classic literature. Nora is gifted in some areas more than others. It's been great to have small enough class sizes that the curriculum could be adjusted for her academic needs, whether that was more challenging reading or extra help in math. In a day when arts programs are being cut in many schools, we are so grateful for the wonderful fine arts instruction at FRCDS. I can't say enough good things about the music and drama program. The spring production is a true community effort that involves the whole school. This is a place where each child has an opportunity to learn and to shine. It has made all the difference to our middle school daughter."

Joel and Jeanne Davies
Parents of 8th grade student

"Our son does well in the smaller classroom environment. We love the diversity of the students in the school. Our son has had opportunities to be a leader in his classroom as well as the sports field. We appreciate the lessons learned through the environmental ed program."

Parents of a fifth grade student

"There is a genuine spirit of cooperation and good will at the school which carries over in the children's interactions with each other, the faculty, and in our home life. . . . Academically, the children are challenged to exceed their own previous effort rather than compete with each other. This atmosphere provides an opportunity for classmates to encourage one another to excel and makes for a harmonious learning environment. After seven years, we can't imagine being anywhere else."

Lower School family

"We strongly agree with Fox River Country Day Schools belief that a school can and should address the education of the whole child, and we were pleased to find that the character building qualities stressed in your curriculum echo what we are trying to instill at home. Furthermore, on visits to the campus, we have been impressed by the friendly, joyful attitude expressed by students, faculty, and staff."

New Family application

"FRCDS is an amazing place. My son has grown in every way - academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I think the most important aspect of the school is its very strong unified foundation of teachers, administrators, house parents, volunteers, parents, students, and all of the staff. There is a unity among the entire staff and students at FRCDS that I have never seen at another school. It is a calm and relaxing place that encourages personal growth among all students, which enables the students to grow in every other way. There is respect, tolerance, kindness, thoughtfulness and honesty in regards to all aspects of the school. The students are treated as human beings first. That is rare in today's educational system. The children are not lumped into groups to be categorized and then written off as unteachable. Students are encouraged to do their best, and the staff finds what is good in each and every student."

Grade 7 Parent

"My son is a changed person. He is poised, confident, secure. He was always those things, but his 6th grade in public school seemed to diminish those qualities. His first year at FRCDS was absolutely the best thing that ever happened to him."

Grade 7 parent

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