Admissions : Financial Aid

Financial Assistance

The school is committed to making its education affordable to all families. Approximately 30 percent of the school's students receive tuition assistance, with grants awarded on the basis of need. Tuition assistance from the school ranges from a few hundred dollars to an amount that covers almost the whole tuition, though as a general rule the school tries to limit financial assistance to no more than 50 percent. To apply for financial assistance, parents need to click on the FAST logo on this page and complete the application online.

Financial Policy

A student is accepted for the full academic year, and the parent is responsible for the full amount of the annual tuition. It is the policy of the school that no student will be permitted to return to school in September or after winter or spring break, unless all tuition and other charges which are then due have been paid in full. In addition, a student whose account is not current as of July 1 may forfeit his/her place at the school. Please refer to your Contract for additional financial policies.

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