Boarding Program : Ask the Parents

"My son is a changed person. He is poised, confident, secure. His 6th grade in public school seemed to diminish those qualities. His first year at FRCDS was absolutely the best thing that ever happened to him." ~Grade 7 parent, June 2006

"When I first dropped Joshua off, it did feel a bit like I was abandoning him. As the weeks progressed and I began to listen to Joshua’s feelings, I became more comfortable. I ask him lots of questions. From his comments about faculty and staff and how well they support and interact with him, I’m impressed. My emotions of missing him are waning. But I still look forward to picking him up on Fridays!" ~Grade 7 parent, October 2006

"The house-parents are caring and nurturing. The food is delicious. The time-management schedule is oriented toward the child's needs. There is a good balance of free time and scheduled time. The children are monitored but not ‘watched over.’ It is a great place to live!" ~Grade 7 parent, June 2006

Conversation with the parent of an 8th grade boarding student.

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