Boarding Program : Ask the Students

On dorm life

"Our dorm parents are like family to us." ~Joshua, '08

"Our dorm mates are like brothers and sisters; they support us. Theyíre our away-from-home family." ~Carl, '08

"If you learn to do chores here, you learn how to do them at home. Iíll have to admit, at home I was lazy, and here Ms Carla has really whipped me into shape! Iím even eating a little less junk food." ~Layla, '07

On school life

"Itís good that we have chores to do because it teaches you responsibility. But we also like the way we can relax and have fun. The dorm parents and our fellow-boarders are kind and respectful towards each other." ~Carl & Joshua, '08

"In public school theyíre just looking for the right answers. Here we have to be more thorough. We donít just sit like blobs. The teachers pay attention and explain more." ~Joshua & Ben, '08

"We have study halls every week night. It helps us focus and develop our study skills." ~Linda, '07

On being away from home

"I call my family every other day. But I donít feel homesick because my friends here are almost like family." ~Linda, '07

"I felt nervous at first, but I feel safeósafe for exploring new things, like on our outdoor trip at the beginning of the school year." ~Kyley, '09

"On the weekends I enjoy going to my host familyís home so I can have Korean food and feel at home in a different way than I do at school." ~Byeong Chan, '07

"I like staying on campus on the weekends so I have extra time to relax or to study." ~Jae Sung, '09

"I like being able to go home on the weekends, but Iím always ready to get back to school on Sunday evening." ~Joshua, '08

"What would I say to someone thinking about coming here? Iíd say, 'Come on! Youíll have a great time! Itís the best thing that ever happened to me!'" ~Joshua, '08 & Layla, '07

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