How to Give : Types of Gifts

Outright Gifts [top]

Cash, real estate, and personal property may are all used to make contributions to Fox River on an outright basis. Gifts of appreciated securities (both publicly traded and private stock) offer significant tax advantages to the donor and are very simple to arrange. Credit is given and a tax deduction is allowable for the value of the mean of the high and low prices of the stock on the day of transfer of the securities to Fox River, provided the stock has been held more than 12 months.

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Transferring Of Securities [top]

Alumni, parents, and friends are encouraged to give appreciated stock to Fox River in making campaign gifts and pledge payments, to fund a capital or endowment gift, and to make contributions through the Annual Fund.

There are two possible tax benefits in using stock to support Fox River:

  1. donors of stock are usually allowed a deduction equal to the fair market value of the stock on the date of transfer
  2. donors of stock that has appreciated in value avoid the capital gains tax liability in transferring the stock.
For instructions or stock transfer procedures, contact Phil Calkins, Business Manager, or our Development office.

In-Kind Gifts [top]

Tangible items that the school would otherwise have to purchase but that are instead given to Fox River as donations. Examples include, artwork, consulting services, hardware supplies, books, sporting equipment, and furniture.

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Matching Gifts [top]

Many gifts to Fox River are doubled, or even tripled because corporations and foundations match gifts to education made by their employees, retirees and directors. Donors who take the few extra steps necessary to maximize their gifts by obtaining a matching gift from a corporation or foundation with which they are affiliated add greatly to their gift.

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Memoriam Gifts [top]

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Restricted Gifts [top]

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