About Us : Mission & Educational Philosophy


The mission of Fox River Country Day School is to educate the whole child through a values-based curriculum conducted in a home-like environment combining academic excellence with individual character development.

Educational Philosophy

An education at Fox River Country Day School is based on the following premises:

- That children should feel cared for, loved, respected, and supported in their growth.

- That children have an unlimited capacity to express goodness and intelligence, and that a school should help each child reach beyond limitations of all types and help them discover higher and more rewarding levels of achievement.

- That a school must be committed to looking for and finding each child’s best nature and most expansive abilities, and to encouraging each child to recognize those strengths in order to develop true individuality.

- That education should be of the whole child; that children should be encouraged to develop, not just academically, but socially, creatively, physically, morally, and spiritually—and not just in a theoretical way, but through practical and positive character building qualities.

- That education should foster a respect for self and the convictions of others and a commitment to the highest ideals of democracy and citizenship.

- That the gift of understanding carries with it a responsibility to embrace community, the environment, and the wider world with compassion, respect, and unselfish service.

- That parents, teachers, and staff should feel they have a vital partnership role in each child’s experience at the School.

In practice this means:

our school...
  • fosters personal achievement
  • invites mastery
  • expects academic excellence
  • honors spiritual values
  • builds self-esteem and humility
  • promotes an alert and active citizenry
  • highlights the value of community
  • our students...
  • delight in discovery
  • develop an active love of learning
  • have high personal academic standards
  • respect differences
  • learn inner-discipline
  • gain respect for law and service
  • value cooperation and team spirit

  • 1600 Dundee Ave. | Elgin, IL 60120 | phone: 847-888-7910 | email: info@frcds.org