About Us : What sets us apart?

What sets our school apart?
An accelerated academic curriculum is the springboard for additional special features at our school.

Character Building
We are committed to contributing to the positive growth in character of each of our students, a pursuit that begins in Preschool and continues on through Grade 8. This focus encompasses everything from how we share toys in the sandbox to how we make good decisions about friendships and behavior. Our list of Character Building Qualities gives the community a shared language. An awareness of the importance of good character permeates the curriculum.

Environmental Education happens every day here on our unique campus of gently sloping land, beautiful trees, and rare wetland ecosystems.

    Imagine your child…
  • learning about freshwater ecology at our streams, springs, and pond
  • observing a flying squirrel, blue heron, great-horned owl, or a passing flock of cranes
  • identifying the tracks of mink, fox, and coyote
  • learning land stewardship practices by clearing invasive species
  • keeping a journal about a favorite site in our Forested Fen

The Arts provide many opportunities for exploring creativity.

    Imagine your child…
  • using the pottery wheel
  • learning about Matisse and Monet
  • creating 3-D objects with hand-made paper
  • making a texture collage with leaves collected on a hike
  • drawing and painting from life and from imagination
  • making an origami mobile
  • learning about color theory, perspective, and proportion
  • participating in a community piece of artwork

Music and Drama provide other rich avenues for expression.

    Imagine your child…
  • performing with poise and joy
  • experiencing drama in a radio play, an improv performance, or a musical
  • playing in a recorder consort
  • being part of a hand-chime choir
  • learning the principles of composition
  • experiencing the stage through the eyes of a dancing flower or a singing firefly
  • singing in several languages, in three-part harmony

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