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Here at Fox River Country Day School we believe that athletics are a key part of educating the whole child. It is our goal to teach our students not only how to play a sport, but to include valuable lessons of sportsmanship, work ethic, and integrity. Our curriculum is designed to build fundamental skills as well as to introduce our students to the joys and benefits of a healthy, active life. We encourage each child to do his or her best in every activity, and we give them opportunities to put what they have learned to the test.

Preschool through Grade 5 [top]

Physical education is an integral part of the schools curriculum and is designed to provide optimum growth and development for each child. The activities for our youngest students focus on development of large-motor skills and social skills like cooperation and following directions. Activities for students in Kindergarten-Grade 5 are designed to improve their individual athletic skills and provide opportunities for them to work and play together.

Swimming [top]

In addition to their PE classes, Preschool and Lower School students swim once per week with a certified instructor in our heated indoor pool. All classes focus initially on water safety and comfort. The curriculum is based on the American Red Cross guidelines. Swimming opportunities, including a swim team in the winter term, are available for Middle School students.

Middle School Team Sports and Intramurals [top]

All students in Grades 6-8, and interested fifth graders, participate in intramurals and team sports. The school participates in a league of other private schools, and we have many inter-school games each season. Students develop individual skills and increase their knowledge of the various sports. Above all we value good sportsmanship. Working towards a common goal, trusting and supporting teammates, having fun, and good sportsmanship all go hand in hand.

The team sport schedule for 2008-2009:
Fall: soccer (boys), volleyball (girls)
Winter: basketball (girls and boys), swimming (co-ed)
Spring: soccer (girls), ultimate frisbee or tennis (boys)

Parents and Guardians please be aware that many games throughout the school year do not have an official end time. On game days, all students will be allowed to call parents for pickup. This call will come before the end of the game in order to allow efficient time for travel. If you have additional concerns about when games end or pickup times, please contact the Athletic Director at extension 102.

This website also contains our Middle School athletic schedules and driving directions to our away games. Parents and visiting students are always welcome to observe classes and to attend games that may interest them. We hope to see you here.

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