Your child's growth at Fox River is important to us - your whole child. In a values-based program with character development and academic excellence at its core, the three Rs just arent enough.

Developing character at our School in the Woods, means that your child will:

  • Become a thoughtful, well-rounded, original thinker
  • Discover his or her integrity, strength; intelligence and energy
  • Study the lives of great thinkers past and present
  • Learn to take risks
  • Be skilled in the ability to give and accept constructive criticism
  • Emphasize ethics and character development
  • Experience joy in learning and take satisfaction in sharing knowledge and skill

    Embracing academic excellence requires that our core curriculum:

  • Reflect the best practices in education
  • Integrate the arts, sciences and humanities
  • Be dynamic, sustaining, and reflective of the lives and experiences of our students
  • Be active and flexible and can be modified at any given time
  • Prepare students to be informed citizens through information, problem solving, and critical and creative thinking

    In a school that promises excellence, faculty must:

  • Be exemplary, dedicated, inspired
  • Encourage use of all functions of thinking for optimal creative development
  • Facilitate spontaneous discussions as well as planned performances
  • Understand that learning is a process that continues throughout life
  • Provide interdisciplinary projects
  • Allow students to delve into subjects

    Appreciating the individuality of our students necessitates that we:

  • Recognize, reinforce and develop the unique characteristics of each individual student
  • Modify curriculum appropriately to respond to unique needs of students
  • See the unlimited potential in each individual
  • Be sensitive to the needs of contemporary society

    Society is enriched by the highest development of all its members. At Fox River Country Day School we are proud of the exemplary program offered to each individual, and we are grateful for the special privilege of working with our students and their families.

    Very sincerely,

    Karen Morse
    Head of School

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