Program : Preschool : Environmental Education

Environmental Education in Preschool and Kindergarten is devoted to creating magical learning experiences by developing a personal relationship with the environment. This relationship is nurtured through first hand contact with the outdoors along with classroom conversation and art projects to help students internalize what they are learning.

    imagine your child…
  • learning about the freshwater ecology of our streams.
  • observing a flying squirrel, blue heron, great-horned owl, or a passing flock of cranes.
  • identifying the tracks of mink, fox, and coyote.
  • learning about the natural cycles of trees, seeds and leaves.

In the Preschool environmental education program we focus on building respect and love for nature, as well as fundamental awareness of natural systems and cycles. Students learn basic trail rules and how to put the character qualities of courtesy and respect into practice when visiting the natural homes of plants and animals. Through activities such as trail walks, seed collecting, insect hunts, leaf identification, and flower spotting walks students learn to feel comfortable and at home in the outdoor environment. Our activities are centered on the seasons, and we enjoy taking advantage of our campus’ unique ecological setting.

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