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Immersion and Language Proficiency [top]
There is no better context for learning English than to be immersed in the culture and activities of an English-speaking country. Interacting in natural ways with native speakers develops the learnerís feeling for the rhythm of a language and expands knowledge of vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. At Fox River Country Day School international students take part in the same rich schedule of classes and activities as their American counterparts. They are fully-integrated members of the middle school.

Academic support from teachers who care [top]
Students are instructed exclusively in English and participate in all classroom academics along with their American peers. Teachers value the presence of international students in their classes, and they work hard to nurture students as well as to challenge them. Support services for an international student are custom designed. An ESL Resource teacher may go to a studentís classroom to offer individualized assistance within the context of the course work. A member of the dorm staff may offer special help during evening study hall.

ESL Class [top]
Students benefit from the additional assistance of an ESL specialist. ESL classes are small, with many opportunities for one-on-one instruction. The ESL specialist clarifies assignments for students, aids them with comprehension, and identifies needs for additional assistance.

All international students begin the year in the ESL class. As they demonstrate progress, support services are adjusted. This individualized approach offers the student extended learning time along with the flexibility to receive differentiated instruction and support when necessary.

We strive to create a comfortable environment in which international students feel safe and encouraged to polish their verbal and written language skills and to excel academically. Our graduatesí successful integration into American secondary schools further endorses the merits of the ESL program.

The Residential program: a home away from home [top]
The boarding school setting is a perfect place to practice English skills on a daily basis. Students are part of a home-like living situation where all staff and students are expected to be kind, respectful, and supportive.

Each weeknight there is a supervised study hall in the dorm. Staff is available to support homework efforts. Extra-curricular activities, such as weekend outings, community service projects, and home-stays provide a rich backdrop for practicing conversational English in nonacademic settings.

Beyond Graduation [top]
On a personal level, international students at Fox River gain a rich and unforgettable cultural and academic experience that will stay with them when they leave the school. For students who plan to go on to an American boarding school, the academic work and English language acquisition at Fox River Country Day School provide an excellent basis from which to grow. The experience of living in a dorm where students are held to high standards of behavior prepares them well for the high school boarding experience. Consistent student efforts and family support, when combined with the outstanding program at Fox River, result in a solid foundation for success in high school.

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