Program : ESL : Ask the Students

Andy, class of 2006 from China, talks about his experience as a student at the Conserve School in Wisconsin.

Dorm life
Living in the dorm at FRCDS is a really nice memory for me, and I am having a great dorm life here at my high school, too. In the dorm life in FRCDS, I have learned some really good habits. I learned to go to bed on time, wake up on time, keep my room organized, do my laundry every week, and all the little things that we needed to do to live without your parents. So after I come to my high school, I had a pretty smooth transition.

I think FRCDS had done a really good job on 8th graders' high school preparation academically. I could not have gone this far without the preparation in FRCDS.

Making good decisions
After living in FRCDS for a year, the Character Building Qualities and the ethics we learned are not something that we talk about; it is already something that is deep inside of me so that I make all the decisions according to them.

Luke, class of 2007 from Korea, is in his second year at FRCDS.

School work
I like math because Iím interested in it. In history we have lots of creative projects. Romeo and Juliet is interesting. Chorus is fun. Soccer is great. In ESL we review our reading homework. The teacher brings questions. We make a big chart of words and add definitions in English. We prepare our presentations. The teacher helps us review for tests. My ESL class is useful because if youíre stuck on preparing for a test, the teacher can help. I feel more confident because of my ESL class.

Mark, class of 2006 from Korea, attends Berkshire Academy in Massachusetts.

Building confidence
I really miss FRCDS. Thatís why I wanted to thank all the teachers. I am taking a normal English class because of your great ESL and English classes! I saw my senior friends doing Beowulf right now. It made me feel comfortable because we already mastered it last year! . . . You guys helped me adjust to living in the dorm easily! Thank you so much! I really miss FRCDS and it is all because of the best teachers that helped me go to this wonderful high school.

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