Program : Lower School : What Parents are Saying

"There is a genuine spirit of cooperation and good will at the school which carries over in the children's interactions with each other, the faculty, and in our home life. . . . Academically, the children are challenged to exceed their own previous effort rather than compete with each other. This atmosphere provides an opportunity for classmates to encourage one another to excel and makes for a harmonious learning environment. After seven years, we can't imagine being anywhere else."

Lower School family - May 2005

"When I hear what my son's neighborhood friends are doing, I realize that the school offers so much more than our public school options. The kids love it, and the drive is definitely worth it. Some days it seems long, but then they get in the car and talk about what they've been doing and how much they love their teachers and classmates, and I know it's worth the effort."

Kindergarten parent - February 2006

"We truly are pleased with Cameron's development. The school has surpassed our expectations for our son. Coming from a teacher, that's saying a lot! We have been impressed with our son's teachers and the attention he gets. He knows more about some things than I do! He is very happy. And we love coming on campus, where it is peaceful and so beautiful. I wish I had the opportunity to come to FRCDS when I was a kid."

First Grade parent - February 2006

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