Program : Middle School : What Parents are Saying

"Academics are the number one reason my son is at Fox River. He wasn’t where he could be in the public school. He likes learning. The academic program is challenging in a good way. I was looking for something richer for him. He tells me that he’s enjoying himself and that he’s getting good academic support."

Grade 7 parent - October 2006

"From what our daughter has told us about her classes, we see that the academic program uses a lot of “hands-on” examples to explain the material. Nothing seems “dry” or even “boring”; she has mentioned great discussions in Ethics class, playing out history in Social Science class, reading interesting books in Literature class, and much more. Our daughter has always liked school, but now she LOVES it. She just recently told us that Math is now her favorite subject. We feel that the teachers have the opportunity to evaluate every single student and see what the best motivator is for that individual. The small teacher/student ratio is very helpful. It gives the teachers the opportunity to get to know the students quite well and spend a lot of time with them."

Grade 8 parent - September 2006

"I am absolutely thrilled. I think the teachers have done a terrific job clustering the children based on academic abilities i.e. math. The material is more challenging. (This is what my daughter likes the best because she says "it's more interesting and I don't fall asleep in class" spoken like a true pre-teen.) She is taking much better notes and is learning to be better organized. The longer periods in art and math have also been very beneficial...Teachers’ expectations based on each student’s individual abilities have been raised, thus encouraging better performance and effort."

Grade 7 parent - January 2005

"My son is a changed person. He is poised, confident, secure. He was always those things, but his 6th grade in public school seemed to diminish those qualities. His first year at FRCDS was absolutely the best thing that ever happened to him."

Seventh grade parent - May 2006

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